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High performance
Sailing propeller

The innovative feathering propeller VARIPROP: Ideal for sailors seeking maximum efficiency, power, and maneuverability. Available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-blade versions.

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Short Facts

  • Higher sailing speed: When you turn the engine off the blades will rotate to their sailing position reducing drag allowing the boat to sail faster and accelerate quicker.
  • Reduced turbulence: A fixed blade propeller creates turbulent water flow over the rudder when sailing reducing the upwind and steering performance. The Variprop GP will allow clean attached waterflow over the rudder increasing upwind performance and control.
  • Optimized thrust: The leading edge of the Variprop GP blades rotate 180 degrees. This gives improved thrust and stopping power reverse which will greatly reduce your propwalk when backing down.
  • Adjustability: Every boat is different, the Variprop GP’s pitch is adjustable in both forward and reverse to optimize your thrust when cruising or backing down with a simple turn of a set screw.

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How the Variprop operates

3 Things You Will Feel on Every Voyage:

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

Faster under sail and motor

The Variprop demonstrates its capabilities both under sail and when motoring: 15% to 20% higher sailing speed, and during motor operation, you benefit from optimal thrust, excellent stopping power, and more.

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

No propeller turbulence

At the helm, your yacht sails significantly more stable and you can sail much closer to the wind.

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

Improved stopping power

The VARIPROP responds promptly and, with its reverse stopping power, allows for perfect control of your boat during harbor maneuvers.

Hi-Tech GAWN/KAPLAN profile

The VARIPROP GP is a unique feathering propeller and the first to incorporate the Hi-Tech GAWN/KAPLAN profile. This profile is primarily used for high performance fixed propellers, but also for rudder profiles and in the aircraft industry.

VARIPROP GP models - available as 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-blade

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GP, like Grand Performance: Or also like Gawn Profile. The VARIPROP GP series is designed for maximum performance.

VARIPROP propellers are ideal – both for saildrives and shaft drives in marine diesel engines and for electric drives.

The VARIPROP can also be used for recharging batteries with electric motors.

Award for Successful Engineering Achievement: The VARIPROP is certified by DNV.

The VARIPROP GP is the only sailing propeller that has received type approval from DNV (Det Norske Veritas). This means it meets the safety criteria for professional shipping and is approved for installation on all ships classified by DNV. For your safety!

In a few steps to your VARIPROP:

Boats using the VARIPROP:

Precision engineering

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

Superb German custom work instead of mass fabrication.

Every manufacturing process starts with an ingenious 3D-CAC-Design by SPW chief developer Jörg Adamczyk. Raguse & Voss from Bremerhaven – one of the most modern foundry in Germany - develop a highly precise pattern from the 3D-design using a 5-axis controlled milling machine. Thanks to computer simulation, the casting process in the mould can be precisely determined. The result: perfect propeller blade castings!

This is followed by state-of-the-art technology by SPW GmbH using computer-controlled CNC turning and milling technology.
Before SPW assembles the propellers, the VARIPROP GP blades are measured by precise laser measuring technology and precisely machined using robot technology. Only then are our propeller components ready for the final assembly.

Our guarantee: The assembly is done according to your individual order. Every VARIPROP is specifically calculated and manufactured for each customer and is then dynamically balanced by machine.

Quality checked with MRI and DNV-GL type approval (Det Norske Veritas – Germanischer Lloyd).

VARIPROP: Absolutely vibration-free! Absolutely great!

Individual Calculation for Your Yacht

A good propeller is only as good as its calculation! Especially the propeller technology, which is often referred to as the supreme discipline in shipbuilding, requires a lot of experience! Our staff in the distribution department, as well as at boat shows worldwide, have a sound knowledge of propeller technology, which requires good training and is also complemented by their own experience as water sports enthusiasts. This affinity is important to us. Numerous data, such as the overall length of the vessel, the engine data, the yacht’s displacement need to be gathered in order to calculate the propeller individually for the vessel. Not only the diameter and pitch, but also the blade profile, number of blades and much more need to be precisely determined to achieve maximum efficiency, smooth running and effectiveness.

Patented Pitch Control

Forward and reverse pitches can be changed independently of one another in just seconds, even underwater. This allows custom fine tuning according to your boating habits. In order to optimise pitch, you do not need to disassemble your VARIPROP. This can be done while the propeller is mounted on your boat. Comprehensive instructions and necessary tools are provided with every VARIPROP.

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

SoftStopTM Shock Absorber

A shock absorbing multidisc brake (patented) built into the VARIPROP hub reduces unpleasant shifting noises. Consequently, the end stops of the propeller are protected from wear.

SPW GmbH Sail Propeller und Wellenbau

High-Strength NiBrAl Bronze

NiBrAl bronze is the best material for propeller manufacturing. It is called Ice Class in professional shipping and has excellent bearing properties. This is why our VARIPROP bearings are made out of NiBrAl bronze in the most sensitive sections, especially where parts move while shifting from ahead to reverse and vice versa during manoeuvres. Meaning: Our propellers last forever! Expensive spare parts become unnecessary.

Factory-ready delivery

We supply the VARIPROP feathering propeller at the factory

  • fully assembled
  • ready-to-install & greased
  • dynamically balanced
  • With pre-set pitch based on individual calculations for your yacht

All that is left for you to do is unpack, install and enjoy sailing!